We exist to champion brave ideas and empower daring corporations.

We are dedicated to build and scale new ventures from the ground up, at high speed and with unstoppable momentum.
Whether you’re a founder or a corporation:

We turn your ideas into business

Organizations we work with want to reimagine themselves through emerging technology to take control of their future and growth.
As a venture studio, we are selective with the companies we partner with. We only support companies that want to sustain and grow profits over time.

Building on our Nordic experience, we fuel companies in high-potential markets to supercharge their growth with new customer offerings and new revenue streams.
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We are by your side with hands-on support, expertise and the funding you need to be successful and sustainable.
How we work

Idea to business

We will make your idea tangible, relevant and ready for the market.
We're taking ideas from the ground up to become new ventures. We focus on framing the right idea, the venture's development, challenging & testing, going-to-market and connecting users with the value of the new product or service.

Accelerate growth

We will execute the strategy through iteration and reach sustainable growth.
We invest and build ventures that would make our other ventures and partners stronger. We are doing this by enabling new ventures to be in the front row of the tech scene, by creating relevant synergies with key players.

Bridging the gap

We are sector-agnostic and multi-stages. We are supporters, doers, and investors.
We like to see ourselves as enablers. Breed Ventures is a hub that triggers unexpected partnerships between corporations and startups. We believe that's where strong growth lives, and sustainable collaboration thrives.
Unleash your growth potential
Discover your untapped market potential and create an automated lead flow to help boost your sales activity and win new market shares. Start accelerating your growth today.


Entrepreneurial mindset

We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders, growth hackers, creative thinkers and tech experts with real business experience helping our partners and customers to start and grow new business.

Our ventures

Sebastian from Flyttsmart & Anna from Breed Ventures
Sebastian from Flyttsmart and Anna from Breed Ventures
Sebastian from Flyttsmart and Anna from Breed Ventures
Sebastian from Flyttsmart and Anna from Breed Ventures


Breed Ventures has a unique value offer in the intersection between growth, product development, and digital that I don’t think anybody else can match presently. They do their utmost to utilize their network and connect us with key players that are relevant for our growth endeavors. Partnering with Breed Ventures has been surprisingly refreshing and has unlocked growth in ways that we never thought of before.
Daniel Teclemariam
Head of Business Transformation
NCC Industry
Already from the beginning of Flyttsmart, Breed Ventures has been an outstanding resource of both strategic & technological expertise. Having Breed Ventures working as an extension of our core team allows us to execute at a tremendous pace and removes many technical frictions and knowledge gaps. We are excited to continue our journey together - The journey to create the easiest way to move.
Sebastian Nielsen
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